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How did you and zac meet?

Zac and I met in 2011 when I was a junior in College attending Boise State University. We met at our church college group called 'GCD'. Zac was doing a two year internship program through our church. About 8 months before meeting each other Zac had just stepped into a relationship with Jesus and I had just rededicated my life to the Lord. Although I instantly knew there was something different about Zac and was immediately drawn to him, the first year and a half of knowing each other was a simple yet pretty distant friendship. During that year and a half I kept my feelings for Zac on the low, wondering if he even knew my name. After sitting with dozens and I mean dozens of girls confessing their love  to me for Zac, I had decided the odds of us ending up together were slim to none. So I moved to Colorado for an internship, assuming the "Zac" chapter of my life was coming to an end, only later to find out the story was just beginning. 


How did you and zac decide to adopt from Liberia?

We prayed, we researched, and we prayed some more. We knew each country had different requirements however we knew we were being drawn to Africa. Each process we looked into looked incredibly daunting and long yet we kept searching for the right agency and the right country.  We originally began the process in Uganda yet after 3.5 months of an uneasy feeling in our gut, we withdrew our application and returned to praying and researching. In March we found a country called Liberia, on the West Coast of Africa. When we called the agency to interview them and ensure their ethics were lined up with ours, we felt the peace of the Lord wash over us. Our case worker, Michelle, is a woman of true integrity and was an angel to us throughout our entire process. During that initial interview we were informed that the adoption process in Liberia was very unpredictable, and it being a Non-hague country adds an even bigger target for problems. It being the 4th poorest country in the world, recovering from the deep pains of mass genocide and an inhumane civil war, as well being the target of  the world's most deadly virus, Ebola, things were complicated to say the least. The day after talking with Michelle for the first time I was listening to a podcast while driving talking about our faith walk, and as christians should always have the impossible in front of us, revealing the true glory of God. I felt the Holy Spirit say "Pursue the most impossible place and watch my faithfulness do the rest." A few days later we contacted our case worker and began the adoption process in Liberia, West Africa. 


I want to adopt but have no idea where to start?

I receive emails every day asking this very question and my answer every time is "PRAY then research." It is easy to get overwhelmed with the process and close the tab. However, I dare you to engage with the Father before Google. The process is daunting and the research you'll find is often vague, stirring frustration. I remember reaching out to people who had adopted asking for advice, testimonies, anything to feed myself with a little bit of hope. The response almost every family gave me was "Each process is different. Remember that." I remember being annoyed with the answer yet now from the other side know why everyone said it. Remember to look at people who have successfully adopted and not EXPECT your process to look the same. Each journey will have a different timeline, its unique challenges, and special victories. Being connected to the Father from the start vs being connected to stories or blogs will drastically allow your journey to be marked by hope rather than disappointment. 



What made you and zac decide to pursue adoption?

Since I was a little girl I have always had the desire to adopt. When Zac was 3 years old his father adopted him. So adoption has weaved its way into our lives for decades and while we were dating it was a serious topic we had lengthy talks about. We knew when we got married and felt guided by the Peace of God to move forward with adoption, we would. After being married a little more than 6 months, I got unexpectantly pregnant that ended in an ectopic pregnant (when the baby implants somewhere other than your uterus). In my case it had implanted in my fallopian tube, causing it to rupture. Although I am still able to get pregnant, it opened our hearts to the idea of children at a younger age than we had expected. Being in the field that we are in, we knew that orphans are the target for traffickers and having a huge heart for the nations. we knew instantly we were being directed to an international adoption. We prayed, we researched, and we sold our couch for $300 to make our first application payment. And the rest is history... 


How did you first get involved in full-time ministry?

When I rededicated my life to the Lord and started chasing after Him, I quickly learned that sprinting after His heart is a wild journey full of surprised and unpredictable twists and turns. I was a senior in college and had no idea what I was going to do after I graduated. I prayed about the World Race, going to Heidi Baker's school in Mozambique, getting my masters, and serving a ministry I deeply believed in states side. After a lot of prayer and wisdom, I got the opportunity to move to Colorado Springs and intern for Messenger International, a ministry I believe in with all of my heart. During that season, I was poured into unlike any other season before. The Lord surrounded me with leaders in my life that believed in me and mentored me in multiple different areas. I had just turned 21 years old, was young, native, immature, and quite frankly a little hyper. Yet somehow in His grace, God lavished me with resources and relationships that have quite literally carried me through seasons of my life. It was in this season it was confirmed to me I was called to serve women in the sex trade. After my internship ended and I returned to Boise, my journey with Wipe Every Tear started. I was the first USA employee and our first office was in a room the size of a broom closet and at the time we had 6 girls in our care. During my 5 years of helping direct Wipe Every Tear I had a front row seat to redemption. I held the hands of my heroes, watched women experience a healing only God himself could provide, and watched girls become girls again. 


Do you travel and speak? If so, where do I go to have you come share at my next gathering?

Yes! If my schedule allows, I would be honored to come and share with your group. You can visit the invite section of my website to send all speaking inquires. 



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