The Name I Thought of Being Called

“Mama"... A name that has become sacred to me. A name that I had to fight for. A name that I never want to grow used too or take lightly. For those of you who don't know, my name is Ebie Hepworth and my husband and I became parents through the miracle of adoption. From start to finish, our adoption process was 20 long months. We started the process assuming we would only adopt one baby, and ended up coming home with two miracles, Birdie + Asa. Upon coming home our son, Asa, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal condition that degenerates your muscles. If I have learned anything about motherhood and the journey my family has been on it's that hope is a super power, in fact, it's my weapon of choice. I'm learning that the more broken a life may seem, the brighter Jesus can shine through the cracks. I'm learning that hope doesn't always looks like a self-manufactured optimism but often looks like falling to my knees with a hand full of tears. I'm learning courage is not measured by how loud we can roar in the fight, but more how quiet we can whisper the name of Jesus in the battle. We often walk through life, hoping that we will dodge the pain and challenges that are inevitable. But I'm learning that that's what is so sweet about hope... That it somehow gives you this Heavenly courage to press forward despite the unknown and what if's. Hope has this sneaky way of singing so loud that you can't hear the insignificant sound of defeat or fear. It instantly qualifies you for a battle you feel unequipped for. It really is the secret weapon to a brave life, and specifically a brave mother... Show me a mother full of hope, and I'll show you a mother reflecting Heaven.

ebie hepworth