If You're Willing He Will Move

If you know about Fearless Co. odds are that you have heard of Ebie Hepworth, our Chief Executive Dreamer. And if you have followed her, odds are that you have left challenged, inspired, and drawn to a deeper desire to know Jesus more. Which is why in this episode Ebie shares the honest part of her story and answers the question so many people want to know…

“How is God so present in her life?”

You might be shocked to learn what exactly it is that allows God to move so freely in her life and it’s simply her willingness to pursue God. That is it, nothing complicated. A rich life with Jesus does not require special talents, tools, or titles. It simply requires a willingness to go where He goes, do what He does, and love how He loves. He will always show up when you’re willing to follow Him.

This session we set the stage in our living room. We wanted to create a more intimate environment so you all can get to know Ebie as a friend, not an influencer or leader. Ebie shares her testimony of strength, striving, and surrender.

Ebie grew up in a wonderful Christian home with a loving family and always felt like she had a close-knit relationship with the Holy Spirit. When Ebie was a freshman in High school her parents got a divorce. In that season she explains that she consciously knew through that season she could either choose to rebel, or she could choose to stick with what she knew was right. And though her rebelling wasn’t drastic in comparison to what it could have been, she still knew she was not staying true to who she knew she could be. Ebie struggled with striving from a young age, always seeking affirmation and attention from those around her.

When Ebie was a sophomore in college she attended a conference where she heard Lisa Bevere speak. Ebie walked into the church, sat in the back row, on the aisle, with the full intention of leaving the second someone asked to pray for her… During worship at the conference, Ebie encountered the peace of God, unlike anything she had ever experienced. She goes on to say that is her favorite thing about the Holy Spirit, that it cannot be manufactured or created, and that it doesn’t matter how you are living or where you are in the world, He literally will come inside of you and it will be undeniable. Later she heard Lisa’s message and instantly related and Ebie re-dedicated her life to the Lord. From that night on, a fire lit on the inside of Ebie’s heart and she was never the same. She exchanged her striving for surrender and everything changed.

Ebie came to a season where she really grabbed her faith and made it her own. The first thing she dove into was falling in love with the Word. She began a journey of reading and cultivating a private and secret place with God. She then began listening from teachers and speakers online and began to dig deeper into unpacking all that was inside of the bible.

When the question was asked if Ebie knew that she would always be in an elevated place in life she expands on the idea of willingness. She was crazy enough to believe that God could use her. The most radical moments of our lives are moments no man has seen. The only thing that set Ebie apart has been that she is willing.

Ebie shares her journey of overcoming striving and performing and seeking approval from man. She unpacks the deep fears God is currently drawing out of her heart and how being alone with Jesus is the only way to know her identity and level of willingness.

Ebie opens up about the role her husband, Zac, has played in her life and running after God. She closes talking about the importance of community and how crucial her close friends have been in her faith journey.

Episode Notes:

What does willingness to God look like?
That there is a level of willingness that God can’t help but breathe on. Willingness is what distinguishes the committed from the uncommitted. If we are wild enough to be willing vessels, then He will be wild enough to expose His heart through us.

ebie hepworth