Imagining with God

Burned out, tired and without inspiration, Ebie was beginning to feel the reality of being pulled in several different directions. She felt like she was giving 40% to every area of her life- her family, friends, ministry, and to God. She had reached her mental and physical capacity and she began believing that the call on her life was to watch Netflix.

In full discouragement, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and said, “Elizabeth, whoever has the control of the imagination has control of a generation.” God began revealing a strategy for her family, friends ministry, and relationships- but they required one thing: alone time with Him.

The Holy Spirit invited Ebie to step into his imagination in the secret place. He revealed the power that was found in imaging with God. He said, “The ability to step into God’s imagination brings healing to bodies, minds, and relationships- it mobilizations strategy to feed thousands and care for the hurting. The list goes on. And it is by God’s word that stirs the imagination- the radical imagination- and I'm putting into this generation to release it.”

Five years ago, when Ebie and Zac had only been married for six months, they got pregnant. Very early on into the pregnancy, Ebie suffered from an ectopic pregnancy. By God’s grace, she survived emergency surgery to remove the egg and one of her fallopian tubes.

After she recovered from surgery, she was told that she would only have a 50% chance of conceiving a child and an even less chance of carrying a child to term.

But God’s imagination said, “I set the lonely in families and I am close to the brokenhearted.”

Six months later, Zac and Ebie started the adoption process.

Ebie’s imagination said, “How on earth are we going to do this?” God’s imagination said, “I will always provide.” And He did.

After bringing their two children home through a miraculous adoption process, Zac and Ebie learned that their son, Asa, was sick with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy , which is classified as a  terminal genetic disease.

Ebie’s imagination said, “This would happen to us.” She was discouraged, tired of getting bad news, and so frustrated. But God’s imagination says, “By His stripes, he is healed.”

The theme of his imagination is always found in His Word; if you want to step into his imagination, step into his word. When you’re abiding in His word, you’re abiding in His imagination. And when you’re abiding in His imagination, faith becomes a direct response to trials and problems. Because faith is so inside of you and has been aided and nurtured and growing within you, you begin to operate and navigate with joy and trust in God. On our own, we are not designed to manufacture faith and joy that are able to withstand the heartbreak of the world. God is the only one to provide that.   

Episode Notes

One of the most significant ways that you can imagine with God is in a secret and hidden place. That means a time and place that you are learning how to hear the voice of your Shepard. It’s in the secret place that you let the mysteries of the Bible and the trials of triumphs of life find purpose and meaning.

It’s in the deep secret place with Jesus where God’s imagination lies and Satan’s imagination dies. Satan’s imagination is anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, poverty, and despair. God’s imagination is free, pure, vibrant, refreshing, creative beyond measure, and all-consuming. When you’re in the secret place, you are so in tune with His voice and truth that Satan’s imagination can’t take any shape. In the secret place, you are safe as Abba’s child.

It’s very vulnerable. It's a growing pain. You have pressed into that feeling of vulnerability and try to discover what is it that is holding you back from peacefully being with your creator. Comfortability and peace are not the same things; you may need to press into the discomfort (especially if the vulnerability is uncomfortable for you) in order to meet peace. It’s an honor when you learn how to be silent with Jesus because you are giving Him space to talk.

When you don’t know what to pray, just say “Thank you.”  Psalm 100:4 in The Message says, “‘Thank you’ is the password into His presence.”  

Stepping into the imagination with God through the Word of God invites creativity in the midst of burnout and routine. It speaks life where there is death and creation when there is blank space.

God’s Word will always bring you to a place of rest, peace, and creativity. It will take you into a new thought process. Every time his Word is the missing piece.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re losing focus or feeling a little scattered while ready The Bible. When you read the Word, you begin meditating on the glory of it. And many times, the glory of the Word will reveal itself in future trials.

Prophetic words are amazing, the community is crucial, prayer is powerful, but we have got to wash our minds with the one thing that was created to wash us: The Word. The only thing that renews our mind and sanctifies our imagination is by washing our minds with the Word of God.

Gold Bits

The theme of his imagination is always his Word. If you want to step into his imagination, step into his word.

When you abide in his word, you face trials with trust and joy as they are natural products of abiding with the Lord.

We are most creative when we tap into the imagination of God.

“Show me a generation of taps into the creative mind of God and I'll show you a generation of signs, wonders, healthy families and more.”

Pure Dreams and destinies happen when your mind is sanctified with through the word and the Holy Spirit.

“I can’t afford to have thoughts about myself that God doesn’t have.” - Bill Johnson

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