About EBIE

Ebie Hepworth is an amazing lover of people and has an ability to lead people in vulnerability and humility in a way that changes lives. Her vulnerable and relatable heart has allowed her to encourage countless women across the globe. Ebie served Wipe Every Tear, an organization bringing freedom and restoration to women trafficked in the sex trade, for 5 years, giving her a front row seat to redemption. She transitioned out of Wipe Every Tear in the spring of 2018 to began building Fearless Co full-time. She has co-written a 30 day devotional, Fearless Girl, and is in the process of writing her second book.

Ebie is passionate about gathering together around the table, cultivating healthy family, fighting for justice and freedom, and speaking identity and truth into women.

She is a wife to her incredible husband, Zac, and a mama to their two beautiful children, Birdie and Asa. When Ebie isn’t at home with her family in Boise, Idaho, you can find her with a book in her hand drinking a venti black iced tea with 4 pumps of classic.